Google Founder Shows Off his Smart Glasses

As we know that Google is developing smart glasses named Project Glass. Founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, wear the smart glasses. It means the project is running and it is not illusion only.

larrypageprojectglass580dlm 300x168 Google Founder Shows Off his Smart GlassesDuring his seminar in London, Larry Page using the Glass Project. He is proud to show it off on the audience. Previously, the other Google founders, Sergey Brin also found to use it.

“This is the Google Glass. Still in its early stages but I was so glad to have one,” he said as quoted by TechRadar on Wednesday 23, 2012.

Although not perfect yet, Google try to ensure that the Project Glass was able to perform several functions. Google apparently still working hard to Project Glass works as promised.

Google Glasses are controlled by voice, in the demo video the glasses can be used to do a search online, email and navigation directions. It could even be applied to video chat.

google glasses porject glass 620x350 Google Founder Shows Off his Smart GlassesGoogle Glasses based on augmented reality technology can display various information such as showing where the user’s location and weather conditions. Users can also find other user’s location with Google Latitude systems.

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