Nokia Maps, Great Guides for EURO 2012 Football Fans

Now Euro 2012 football match is running, and many companies are taking a chance in this moment. As well as Nokia with its product, Nokia Map. Nokia uses the Euro 2012 moment to attract interest in using Nokia Maps service property. Nokia Maps changed to guide football fans who intend to watch the match live on the football field.

euro2012 365 Nokia Maps, Great Guides for EURO 2012 Football FansIn cooperation with Garmin GPS Technology Company, Nokia updated maps in several areas which became the place of football, especially Poland and Ukraine.

“More than 10 million fans will attend a soccer tournament. Our goal is to allow anyone who comes easy to get information on places to go,” said Clive Taylor, Director of Product and Marketing at Garmin.

Poland and Ukraine maps content in Nokia Maps has been updated include 21 cities which held European soccer tournament, and other useful additions such as roads opened the way for season.

nokiamaps Nokia Maps, Great Guides for EURO 2012 Football FansAvailable in 20 languages of instruction, Nokia Maps will also facilitate navigation to the 150 thousand important places such as the entrance ticket and place of purchase.

“Garmin has great ambitions to support the European Cup with an excellent navigational experience, especially for football fans for the first time to visit these cities. We were trying to fulfill the ambitions of Garmin and cooperate to provide content that is highly localized and can be a guide who good, “added Bruno Bourguet as Vice President, Sales and Business Development Nokia.

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